The mission of the ASSOCIATION DES RECYCLEURS DE PIÈCES D’AUTOS ET DE CAMIONS (ARPAC) IN QUEBEC is to be the leader in the sale of high-quality, controlled-origin recycled car and truck parts with a view to respect for the Quebec environment.

ARPAC currently has 75 members across Quebec.

20 years of ARPAC (1971-2011)


ARPAC is an association recognized for its strict standards and the integrity of its members. It has the attention of the key players in the automotive industry, represented by the IBC, GAA, DSE, SAAQ, Recyc-Québec, Sûreté du Québec, municipal police forces and Canadian insurance companies.

ARPAC members adhere to a Code of Ethics, which demands:

  • integrity and honesty of the Association and its members;

  • transparency in all actions and co-operation among members for the achievement of a common goal;

  • respect and attentive listening to understand the members’ priorities and encourage their involvement;

  • commitment to respecting the environment and providing education on the standards.


Key Issues


By its vocation, ARPAC has been a trailblazer of modern-day environmental consciousness. This is reflected in its Code of Ethics, the tools it has developed and its close ties to the Quebec Ministry of Sustainable Development, the Environment and Parks.

Car Theft and Licence Issue Control

The creation of a computerized record of vehicles registered in Quebec, permitting the tracking of these vehicles over their life cycle or “cradle to cradle”, is one of ARPAC’s responsibilities within the government-industry consultation table on the automobile population. Moreover, the process by which licenses are issued is undergoing a major reform.


A technical control procedure for “recycled non-deployed” airbags was elaborated by ARPAC, its partners and the SAAQ, and an agreement was made on November 11, 2010, between SAAQ and ARPAC to start a pilot projet which succeeded in 2015.

The process aims to ensure compatibility between the airbag and the receiving vehicle, from the airbag integrity to follow up in case of manufacturer recall.

All employees in contact with airbags during their work must succeed relevant training. Now, it is possible to buy used airbags from participating ARPAC members.

Future of Recycling

We prepare the future of recycling, with a view to creating a safe and healthy environment for future generations.



With support from the Fonds national de la main-d‘œuvre, we are elaborating accredited training programs to help ensure the recognition of ARPAC certified recycled parts.

Work with Government Bodies

ARPAC can be counted among the decision makers who are fashioning the automotive industry of tomorrow. During the parliamentary committee hearings on Bill 12, ARPAC presented and strongly defended a brief which led to the full adoption of the proposed definition of a recycler.

ARPAC also sits on the following bodies:

  • Board of directors of Auto-Prévention;

  • Centre patronal de santé et sécurité du travail du Québec;

  • Consultation table on the environment and road vehicles;

  • The government-industry consultation table on the automobile population.

  • The Comité sectoriel de la main-d’œuvre des services automobiles — CSMO auto.

ARPAC maintains continuing contacts with provincial and international automotive associations.

Our Partners

ARPAC is supported in its mission by industry partners.

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