Part Quality and Warranty

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Parts Quality

Parts Quality

Parts sold by ARPAC recycling centres are carefully recovered during dismantling and undergo inspection and cleaning. In addition to confirming that the part still works correctly, inspection evaluates the part’s quality, according to established standards. (See standards description next.)

Body Parts Quality Standards


Body and mechanical parts sold by ARPAC members are guaranteed for a minimum of 90 days after purchase.

Undeployed Airbags

Process for the recycling of undeployed front airbags

These modules are recycled safely, using a recycling process developped by ARPAC, and a certification including a security control is required for each module.

To procure a used undeployed airbag module, contact one of our authorized members and let them know your vehicle type; they will inform you of stocks available and their cost, along with the installation procedure.

Authorized Recyclers List

Over half of ARPAC’s recyclers were trained and authorized to sell undeployed front airbag modules.  These recyclers are listed below, and you will find their complete coordinates on our Members page.

Aubry Garage Gaétan enr.
Bégin Fernand pièces d’autos inc.
Brassard Pièces d’autos inc.
Champagne pièces d’autos inc.
Centre de recyclage St-Bruno
Centre de recyclage Universel ltée
Centre du pick-up de Beauce enr.
Châteauguay pièces d’autos inc.
Complexe automobile St-Paul
Dumas et fils pièces d’autos usagées inc.
Dumont pièces d’autos inc.
Duvernay recycleur inc.
Fleurimont pièces d’autos inc.
Fontaine pièces 1994 inc.
G & C pièces d’autos inc.
Pièces automobiles Gagnon inc.
Garage L. Guay ltée
Gaston Poulin pièces d’autos
Gravel D. automobiles inc.
Gravel recyclage automobile Ste-Sophie inc.
G.R.D. pièces d’autos inc.
Hamel pièces d’autos inc.
Haut-Richelieu pièces et véhicules d’occasion
Jack auto Montréal-Nord inc.
Jacques Lauréat pièces d’autos inc.
J.L.M. pièces d’autos inc.
Langevin pièces d’autos ltée
LKQ Ste-Sophie inc.

Lemieux pièces d’autos inc.
LKQ Pintendre autos inc.
Marcil pièces d’autos inc.
Miron Henri auto ltée
P.A. auto recyclage inc.
Pièces d’autos Nord-Sud inc.
Pièces d’autos Choc inc.
Poulin Clément pièces d’autos inc.
Recyclage d’autos St-Lazare (1998) inc.
Recyclage Pellerin inc.
Samson pièces d’autos inc.
Sherbrooke pièces d’autos usagées inc.
St-Mathieu pièces d’autos usagées inc.
St-Rémi pièces d’autos inc.
Ste-Claire recycleur inc.
Ti-Coeur pièces d’autos inc.
Trudel Automobile inc.