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Benefits of Membership

Being a member, it’s:

  • BE PART of the only group in Quebec that is recognized by the automotive industry and environmental organizations.

  • BELONG TO AN ASSOCIATION recognized by the IBC, GAA, DSE, SAAQ, Quebec Ministry of Sustainable Development, the Environment and Parks, Recyc-Québec, Sûreté du Québec, municipal police forces and Canadian insurance companies.

  • BENEFIT from a strict CODE OF ETHICS.

  • BE SUPPORTED by a structured BOARD OF DIRECTORS with over 30 years of experience that defends your rights.

It’s also:

  • ACCESS TO NETWORKING: ProgiPix, ARPAC.COMM, (achat/distribution).

  • EXPERIENCED LEGAL SUPPORT defending the members’ interests.





  • JOINT USE with insurers of ARPAC.COMM.



ProgiPix is an electronic salvage management system designed for exclusive use by ARPAC members. Since its introduction, the system has generated a real increase in the net total losses salvaged through conventional systems.

For more info:

Digital part database (

A complete databank permitting an on-line search for parts in stock, available to appraisers and insurers on a 24/7 basis. This tool, unique in Canada and North America, applies Canadian quality standards and the average price policy.

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Adhering Conditions

Here are the main adhering conditions to become a member of the Association. (Please refer to ARPAC for complete details.)

Have a recycler’s or dealer-recycler’s licence and post it in public view.

Dismantle a minimum of 75 vehicles annually in the automobile and truck categories or a minimum of 50 heavy trucks (3,000 kg and over) or a minimum of 1000 recreative vehicles in the motorbike, snowmobile or all terrain vehicles categories, or a minimum of 25 vehicles of heavy duty, agricultural and forestry equipment type.

Realize 40% of annual revenue through used and/or recycled auto part sales.

Operate activities of pressing and/or shredding and/or self-service.

Have suitable places for receiving customers, including a clean waiting room.

Have a parking area with an adequate number of spaces.

Have clearly identified, tidy interior and exterior storage areas.

Have an opaque screen (fence or other), erected in compliance with municipal and provincial regulations.

Have a safe dismantling area in a location that meets environmental standards.

Identify every vehicle delivered or towed by the recycler or dealer-recycler and post the Association’s logo.

Comply with the Guide de bonnes pratiques sur la gestion des véhicules hors d’usage, published by the Quebec Department of the Environment. The disposal of all fluids and solids must be done by a company possessing the required permit(s).

Keep an up-to-date register of purchases, as required by the regulations, with an exact record of the origin of parts and the vehicle serial number. Members must have a parts computerized inventory system.

Give a minimum 90-day guarantee on all mechanical components, unless specifically agreed otherwise with the customer.

Indicate the vehicle serial number on all invoices for major parts.

To become a member of ARPAC, the recycler must submit an application. ARPAC then determines whether the recycler meets the Association’s criteria and requirements. The candidate is contacted and informed of ARPAC’s decision. If the decision is favourable, the next step is an on-site inspection visit.

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Adhering form (PDF, French)