Auto Recycling

Information page on auto recycling

Introduction to auto recycling

Here is an overview of the dismantling process, from the arrival of a vehicle to the final part sale.

Sourcing Vehicles to Recycle

Where do vehicles recycled by ARPAC members come from?


Following an accident, the insurance company hires an appraiser. After inspection, the appraiser indicates whether the vehicle is worth repairing.

When the vehicle can be repaired, the insurance company calls a collision repair centre. l’assureur fera appel à un carrossier. Recycled parts are perfectly suited for repairs. When necessary, a safety inspection is performed by the Ministry. Recycling helps the environment, as well as reducing repair costs.

When the vehicle is a declared total loss, the insurance company settles with the insured party, then sells the vehicle to an ARPAC member. After the vehicle is dismantled following strict standards (quality, environment, security), used parts in good condition are labelled, inventoried and stored.


Vehicles buy ready-to-retire vehicles from individuals. (See our Vehicle recycling program for more info.)

Depending on the vehicle’s condition, certain parts may be recycled and made available for repairing similar vehicles, extending its life.

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