ARPAC Foundation

The ARPAC Foundation comes to the aid of those in need. Thanks to fundraisings held in the community and the involvement of auto recyclers and their employees, the Foundation has been able to donate to a number of charitable organizations in Quebec.


There are many ways to support the Foundation:

Do you have a ready-to-retire vehicle? It is possible to donate to our Car for Life program. An ARPAC recycler will pick up and recycle your vehicle, and the vehicle’s monetary value will be donated to the Foundation.

Pour donner, visiter le site et choisissez la Fondation ARPAC.

Throughout the year, you can donate to the Foundation. Contact ARPAC to make a donation.

The ARPAC organizes various fundraising events throughout the year, such as a vehicle auction during its annual convention and a summer golf tournament.

Votre participation à ces événements supporte l’organisme.

Do you have an event idea and would be ready to organize it? Contact ARPAC to let us know.

Foundation News