How does it work?

To participate, you only need to communicate the vehicle's year (you will find it on your ownership certificate). Once we have taken possession of the vehicle, we donate, in your name, an amount corresponding to the vehicle's age to the organization of your choice. Donate now!

How do donations work?

When you accept to donate your car, once the vehicle is picked up, we send your contact information to the organization of your choice. They will emit a tax receipt for you. The vehicle's value is estimated according to its building year. The recyclers who pick up your vehicles are the ones paying this amount to the Foundation. Find out which amount will be donated to the Foundation for your vehicle.

Is 100% of the offered amount donated to the organization?

Yes, 100% of the amount offered for your vehicle will be donated to the organization. No fees are held back by the recycler or by ARPAC's Car for the environment program.

When will I get my tax receipt?

This depends on the organization. Certain organizations send their receipt for taxation as soon as they have processed the donation -- you could receive it within two weeks -- while other organizations send their receipts only in February for the next taxation year. We will try to inform you following your donation offer, depending on the organization you chose.

What will happen to my car?

Once your old vehicle is picked up and the donation completed, the auto recycling center which picked up the vehicle becomes the car owner. The vehicle will be dismantled according to strict environmental standards and its components will be recycled, either through the sale of parts or for the metal (scrappage).

Can I apply by phone?

To learn which amount is offered for your vehicle and/or apply for the program, you can either fill the brief online form or contact the call center at 1-855-283-2722.