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What is the Car for the environment program?

The Car for the environment program was implanted by the ARPAC Foundation to help support environment organizations.

When you donate your old car to the program, we give an amount to the partner charity of your choice; this allows them to improve their search projects and finance their operations.

The amount donated to the organization depends on the year of the vehicle donated.

What is the ARPAC Foundation?

The ARPAC Foundation was created in 1995, by members of the Association des recycleurs de pièces d'autos et de camions in Québec to concretize their will to help their community. Since it was created, over 1 830 000$ was donated to organizations and individuals.

Sponsored Organizations

  • Fondation ARPAC
  • Association CGQ du Québec
  • Action Saint-Francois
  • Comité ZIP du Haut Saint-Laurent
  • Conseil québécois événement écoresponsable
  • Conseil régional de l'environnement de Laval
  • Environnement Jeunesse
  • Équiterre
  • Eurêko - Action, protection et gestion environnementale
  • Lanaudiere Conservation Social Trust
  • Federation quebecoise en environnement
  • Pur Nat, organisation socialement responsable
  • Recyclo-centre
  • Réseau des femmes en environnement